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Hello! My very 1st blog post…

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Finally! After debating the idea of a food blog, I’ve finally given in & decided to do it. Thanks in large part to my amazing family & friends that have pushed & encouraged me…you know who you are & I love you.

So, down to business…

Eating healthy (like really healthy) in my house started almost 2 years ago after my hubby & I moved with our 2 kiddos to Vancouver, British Columbia from Miami, Florida. Huge move…heck yeah! However, it was the best decision we could have made. We decided to embrace the way of life here &, little by little, away went fast-food joints, fried foods, sugar, etc…

The intentions of this blog are not to point fingers but simply to share some vegeterian, vegan, raw, or just really healthy stuff we eat at home or around town.

I’m a baby at this & try to learn something new about healthy eating & living everyday…follow me on my journey!

– Lesley


About Lesley

I am a mother, a wife, a photographer, & for about 2 years now...a healthy eater. I love to make messes in the kitchen & discover ways to make every meal as healthy & tasty as possible!

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  1. Awesome! Finally, you’re going to tell us how to make stuff right?

  2. Excited to Follow Your Blog!!

  3. So proud of you! This is a great idea! Have fun!

  4. Oh wow! I am so proud of you and so looking forward to learning all the wonderful things you are learning. We love you and are excited to follow along!!


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